Without Lenses is devoted to the art and craft of lensless photography. This quarterly journal is intended to be a peer-written journal about lensless photography and is actively seeking submissions. Without Lenses wants to feature contributors who provoke thinking and push the limits of lensless work, share new ideas and alternative techniques, expose the work of new and active photographers and participate in a robust and active community. Without Lenses is not intended to replace wonderful forums of discussion like f295 and the pinhole discussion email list but to enhance these venues with more formal editorial perspectives.

What to write about

Stories should be clearly written and informative. As for topics: write about what you know. (Yes, it’s that easy.) What are you expert in? What have you learned that you need to share with others like you? What tips and tricks do you want to share? Where have you failed miserably and how have you triumphantly recovered? We want to know. Readers want to know.

All content should be original, which means that if it appeared on your blog first, we won’t publish it.

How to submit a story

Want to write for Without Lenses? Got an idea you’d like to see covered? A question needing an answer? Is there a photographer that you would like to know more about? Suggest it via the Contact form.

Also be sure to read our Submission Guidelines.

Who is our prospective audience?

Without Lenses readers range from students exploring pinhole for the first time to practicing photographers who work with this medium all the time to photographers interested in exploring and pushing the limits of the lensless experience. Articles should appeal to as many people as possible, so don’t worry if it is a basic how-to or even if it is a more complex tips piece or an interview with an established image maker—there is someone who will learn from it.