January 2010 :: Editor’s Notes

Well we are back. For real this time. My book is done and published and I have my life back which means photography focus. The first thing we have done is to tackle some technical housekeeping issues.

As part of our housekeeping efforts the last couple of months we worked our way through this list:

  • New content management system allowing more flexibility in terms of site features and sections
  • Addition of an Events area and submission form allowing you to tell me about events, classes, lectures, workshops, and calls for entries.
  • Section specific RSS feeds – if you like to follow in an RSS reader you can grab just the areas you are interested in.
  • Expanded books section – I am adding these as I find them.
  • Idea submission – new form for submitting story ideas

What the change to a new system means though is that all the URLs from previous stories and galleries are broken. I apologize for that, there was no way around it. The other thing is that I migrated all the comments that went with the articles, using the commenters name and email address from the previous system, but the comments are all dated January 2010. I have no idea how to change the comments back to the original comment date, but they are in their original order to maintain the conversation.

New for this issue:

We have a feature on Jesseca Ferguson, who was a speaker at the 2nd f295 Symposium and who currently has her pinhole work in a group show traveling across Poland. Check it out – her work is amazing.

Our second interview is with Brian Krummel, the author of the new Pinhole Camera book. He talks about his motivation for writing the book and the companion website where he interviews new artists every week.

I look forward to a more robust publishing schedule this year and hope that you will participate by reading, commenting, suggesting new ideas and maybe even writing something.


Erin Malone