May 2009, Editor's Notes

After many months we are back!

In the last 10 months, I quit a job and started a new company. Additionally, I have been writing a book for O’Reilly Media, Designing Social Interfaces, and this has consumed every free moment of my evenings and weekends over the last 8 months. This means that my photography and this magazine have suffered. But with the business humming along and the book in editing, I can bring my attention back to the important things in life – pinhole photography.

We come back with an interview by Benjamin Wooten with William Christiansen who mills beautiful pinhole body cap shutters in his workshop in Wisconsin. Check out the shutters and the examples from different cameras. I have one of the 4×5 shutters and can attest to how cool they are.

Our featured artist is Laura Campbell, who brings us a beautiful series of pinhole images from the California Desert.

The end of this month also marks the 3rd annual f295 Symposium in Pittsburgh. The line up looks great and should be a terrific conference. I only wish I was able to go myself, but alas, I have other commitments. If you attend, let me know—I’d love to get a recap from folks.

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