Capturing Beauty in Japan :: Noriko Ohba :: Featured Artist

Pink carpet, zero2000
Mosaic Garden, zero2000
I am in love with you, zero2000
Seaside and blue in dusk, zero2000
Waveswinger, modified holga
Reflection, holga
Don't worry:) , modified holga
Medicine of my smile, zero2000
Like fireworks, zero2000
Fine day, zero2000
Breath, zero2000
Dance with winds, zero2000
Hill of flowers, pinhole polaroid

Our first featured artist is Noriko Ohba, a pinhole photographer living in Japan. I first noticed her work on flickr and have been following her work for the last couple of years. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

Where are you located?

I was born and grew up in Hiroshima. But, I live in Osaka now. Osaka and its surroundings is a very beautiful area. Classical and modern buildings, cityscapes and nature coexist well; Osaka is a wonderful city.

Breath, zero2000 medium format camera

How long have you been doing Pinhole work?

I began to take the pinhole photographs from the early 2004. I am surprised because only four years have passed.

What cameras do you use?

I use three cameras in large part.

1: Zero2000 Deluxe (Zero image)
This camera gives me courage to take the photo.

2: HOLGA (altered)
I removed all the boards and the partition of inside of this camera. and I’m taking 6×9 formatted. I love the tunnel effect of this camera.

3: Pinhole Blender
This camera annoys me very much. But, it’s very happy and can take a fantastic photograph like the fragments of the memory, by taking different colors and different scenery from three pinholes on this camera.

My favorite???
It is very difficult to decide it. If you insist… I like the altered HOLGA. I have an attachment to this mostly because I remodeled this camera by myself but this camera is in the worst shape of the three.?

Reflection, Pinhole Holga medium format camera

Your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is a flower, the gradation of the sky at the magic-hour (the time as it is darkening after sunset), and buildings. These have become the themes I photograph.

Pink carpet
Pink carpet, zero2000 medium format camera

See more of Noriko’s work: Website :: flickr


  1. Beautiful work, and although mr. Ohba states flowers and buildings as favourite themes, I find the ‘Breath’ photograph, with those ghostly people silhouettes, absolutely amazing!

  2. Wow beautiful capture on flowers in the fields I really like Japan scenery
    its like theres no ugly views you can shot

  3. I couldn’t find a more general way to get in touch with you. I just wanted to say that I really love the site! I started to research alot more thoroughly into pinhole photography when I came across the site. Its brilliant and so informative! Really helpful and very interesting. Definitely saved this link to my bookmarks! Thanks again 🙂

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