California Impressions

Erin Malone’s zoneplate marsh landscapes featured on PBS KQED Quest program

Fall colors in the marsh

The Path

Larger video, more information and related links on the KQED Quest site.



  1. Beautiful images, Erin. Congratulations on the story . . . score some points for pinhole and zoneplate!

  2. Outstanding imagery. Happened upon your work on F295 and followed links all the way to Without Lenses. I’ve been using a pinhole for years and your landscapes have me thinking about zoneplates! Thank you.

  3. Well done on your Marsh Landscapes, Erin. They are both uplifting and inspiring.

    The video showing how you work also helps to de-mystify 4×5 lensless photography
    and shows that one doesn’t need donkey loads of equipment to capture and
    express how one feels about the subject matter.

    So simple.

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