Long term pinhole solargraphs the new hot thing

Seems like the latest thing in pinhole photography, is making 3 month, 6 month or even year long exposures. Several artists have recently been featured in exhibitions and articles using this technique. Check out these artists. “The Arc of Time” an exhibition of long-exposure photographs made with a pinhole camera by Utah photographer Matthew Allred… Continue reading Long term pinhole solargraphs the new hot thing

Hot Dog Stand doubles as a Pinhole Camera

Using an abandoned hot dog stand as an enormous pinhole camera, Marian Roth blurs the boundaries between her photography and her imagination. For Creative Life, Marnie Crawford Samuelson reports.

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12th Annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

The annual worldwide pinhole photography day is fast approaching. Make plans for a workshop or outing with other pinhole aficionados and share your results. Download a copy of the poster. (Poster courtesy John Neel)

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Expose for a year, gone in an instant

Photographer Michael Chrisman, makes extremely long exposures with his pinhole camera. Placed around Toronto, the images are dreamy and ephemeral, they capture the “trails left by the sun as it moves through the sky both throughout the day and as the seasons change.” What’s most interesting to me is that when the image is scanned… Continue reading Expose for a year, gone in an instant

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Call for Entries: The Built Environment

The Built Environment http://www.darkroomgallery.com/ex23 CALLING FOR SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE 12/1/11 Midnight EST Images that capture a vision of the man made world around us. We’ve been documenting the built environment since the beginnings of photography. It’s natural – our lives are entwined with and dependent upon structures of all kinds. Let us examine the genius designs,… Continue reading Call for Entries: The Built Environment

Lensless on the road

The next best thing to turning a car or van into a pinhole camera? A camera obscura trailer that you take along on your road trip. Two students did just that last summer and recorded images from New York to Prince Edward Island. The resulting work has ended up in a show and a book… Continue reading Lensless on the road

Historic process to capture timeless history

Another canadian pinhole photographer article looks at a pretty cool pinhole project. Tod Ainslie, spent over nine years taking over 2,000 photographs of various sites related to the War of 1812. These images, some made with pinhole cameras with 6 pinholes, were recently shown in Toronto and several were purchased by the Royal Ontario Museum.

April 24, 2011 :: Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Worldwide pinhole day happens on the last Sunday of April each year. Events, workshops, gallery exhibitions and lectures are happening around the world as part of this event. The WPPD site offers listings of related events as well as a growing collection of photos from each WPPD. Don’t forget to submit yours this year.

Imagining Music: The Work of Mabel Odessey

Music, like photography, is as much a science as art. When combined, magical things can happen. Without Lenses is pleased to share with you, the work of Mabel Odessey, a photographer whose work is inspired by and created through collaborations with musicians. The Piano Paille PInhole project is just the most recent. Mabel shares with us how she works with the musicians collaboratively, and where she is going next.

Safe Havens: The zoneplate work of George Sheils

A frequent visitor and poster on f295.org, I was pleased when George Sheils, known as Seoirse, started posting his recent series of work from the harbours around Ireland. He has graciously agreed to share some background on his experience as well as the Safe Havens project he is currently working on and fun project called The Frosties with us here at Without Lenses.

The Populist

Nick Dvoracek
Nick Dvoracek, creator of the popular tutorial for making a 35mm pinhole camera, The Populist, shares the material with Without Lenses. Available here in HTML, the full step-by-step instructions for making this camera.

Celebrate Ten Years of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day: April 25th

We celebrate this year’s Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day with interviews with two photographers. Tom Miller and Gregg Kemp, have both been instrumental members of the team of folks spearheading and coordinationg the celebration of WPPD over the last ten years. Celebrate lensless photography by participating in a workshop and sharing the results.

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Celebrating WPPD with Tom Miller

As we near the 10th celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, Tom Miller shares some history of the organization with us as well as his personal inspiration and pinhole work.