Obscura: Community Book on Modern Pinhole Photography Needs Funding

The folks over at Obscura Book have pulled together 121 pinhole images and have designed, what looks to be, a beautiful book, but they still need help for the publishing. They have a fundraising campaign over at Indiegogo to raise funds and have about 3 weeks left.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography day

Coming soon to a camera near you. The annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is April 28th, 2013 this year. A host of exhibitions and workshops are planned throughout the world, so grab your favorite camera or better yet, make a new one and explore the wonders of photography without a lens.
Tons of events happening so […]

Call for Entries: The Built Environment

[ December 1, 2011; ] The Built Environment

DEADLINE 12/1/11 Midnight EST
Images that capture a vision of the man made world around us.

We’ve been documenting the built environment since the beginnings of photography. It’s natural – our lives are entwined with and dependent upon structures of all kinds. Let us examine the genius […]

Speaking at f295 Symposium

I will be speaking at this year’s f295 Symposium which takes place in Pittsburgh later this week. The lineup of speakers, from the opening – Sally Mann in Conversation with Dan Estabrook – to artists like Brian Taylor, Gabriel Biderman and Henrieke Strecker should prove to enlightening and inspirational.
As in the past, the symposium is […]

January 2010 :: Editor’s Notes

Well we are back. For real this time. My book is done and published and I have my life back which means photography focus. The first thing we have done is to tackle some technical housekeeping issues.
As part of our housekeeping efforts the last couple of months we worked our way through this list:

New content […]

May 2009, Editor's Notes

After many months we are back!
In the last 10 months, I quit a job and started a new company. Additionally, I have been writing a book for O’Reilly Media, Designing Social Interfaces, and this has consumed every free moment of my evenings and weekends over the last 8 months. This means that my photography and […]

July 23, 2008 Editor's Notes

This issue marks a year of bringing Without Lenses to you. Over the last year, I have talked to so many wonderful and interesting photographers. The personal stories and work provide inspiration and ideas for me and I hope for you, dear readers, as well. I am eager to bring more of your work to […]

March 17, 2008 :: Editor's Notes

Notes on what’s in Issue #4 and a brief wrapup of the f295 Seminar which took place in New York in January 2008.

November 30, 2007 :: Letter from the Editor

It’s been a busy fall full of making images, prepping quite a bit of work for several juried shows—most of the work pinhole—and hanging my first solo show. It’s small and in a cafe, but it’s mine alone and it took quite a bit of work printing and framing the images. In between being obsessed […]

August 2007 :: Editor's Notes

Welcome to Issue #2 of Without Lenses. This issue brings a host of new articles and community features. Check it out!

April 29, 2007 :: Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Issue#1 of Without Lenses
Devoted to covering the art and craft of lensless photography, I have started Without Lenses to feature photographers and contributors who want to push the limits of lensless work, share new and alternative ideas, teach others about new camera making techniques and to expose the work of unknown as well […]