Safe Havens: The zoneplate work of George Sheils

A frequent visitor and poster on, I was pleased when George Sheils, known as Seoirse, started posting his recent series of work from the harbours around Ireland. He has graciously agreed to share some background on his experience as well as the Safe Havens project he is currently working on and fun project called The Frosties with us here at Without Lenses.

Shoreline Dreams: The Pinhole Work of Ky Lewis

Our featured gallery shares the dreamy beach images by Ky Lewis. They recall summers long past when you were a kid and everything is a blur.

From Workshop to Book: Talking with Brian Krummel About The Pinhole Camera

Brian Krummel, author of the new book, The Pinhole Camera, shares his thoughts about writing the book, about the artists he features on the companion website and his own work as a pinhole photographer.

Capturing Emotion in the American West :: Laura Campbell: Featured Artist

Featured artist, Laura Campbell, talks about her pinhole work in the American southwest.

Capturing Beauty in Japan :: Noriko Ohba :: Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Noriko Ohba
A brief look at the work of Japanese artist Noriko Ohba.