Video About Pinhole from Nancy Breslin

Nancy Breslin - image from video.
Nancy Breslin, who we interviewed here awhile back, has created a great short about pinhole photography.

The Populist

Nick Dvoracek
Nick Dvoracek, creator of the popular tutorial for making a 35mm pinhole camera, The Populist, shares the material with Without Lenses. Available here in HTML, the full step-by-step instructions for making this camera.

Drill Your Own Precision Pinhole Apertures

Precision pinhole
Matching an appropriately sized pinhole to a particular camera’s focal distance will yield the best, “sharpest” image. This tutorial shows how to easily make your own pinholes that are fairly accurate in size and shape.

Wet Contact Printing Paper Negatives

Wet contact printing
Jan Kapoor shares her process for making image positives from wet contact negatives. This simple, straight-forward process is something anyone with a dark room and a safe light can do. No enlarger needed.

Using Theatrical Lighting Gels to Filter and Color Correct Polaroid Films

Erin Malone looks at using inexpensive theatrical lighting gels rather than traditional photographic filters to create custom size fillters for use with Polaroid films in the pinhole and zoneplate process.

How to Build a 4×5" Pinhole Camera

4x5 Pinhole camera
Take that first step to making pinhole images! Earl Johnson guides us through step-by-step instructions to make the simplest, easy to use, pinhole camera from black foam-core board and tape.