Imagining Music: The Work of Mabel Odessey

Music, like photography, is as much a science as art. When combined, magical things can happen. Without Lenses is pleased to share with you, the work of Mabel Odessey, a photographer whose work is inspired by and created through collaborations with musicians. The Piano Paille PInhole project is just the most recent. Mabel shares with us how she works with the musicians collaboratively, and where she is going next.

Celebrating WPPD with Tom Miller

As we near the 10th celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, Tom Miller shares some history of the organization with us as well as his personal inspiration and pinhole work.

Celebrating WPPD with Gregg Kemp

Gregg Kemp shares some history of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and his work with Without Lenses.

Child’s Play & War Games with Benjamin Wooten

Benjamin Wooten discusses his series “This is for real war!” and the influence of the work by Eadward Muybridge and several war photographers in how he approaches his work.

Collage, Construction and Pinhole: Making Memories with Jesseca Ferguson

Blending polaroid with alternative processes, Jesseca Ferguson, builds her images with old letters, book parts, taxidermied birds and other fleamarket finds to create seductive, layered memories.

Pinhole Is Pinhole: An Interview with William Christiansen

William Christiansen is a Wisconsin based pinhole photographer and machinist, producing high-end pinhole apparatus, add-ons, and custom designs for clients around the world. He shares his intriguing history, along with his perspectives on the art and craft of pinhole photography.

Turning the World on its Head :: Sheila Bocchine takes on wedding photography — lensless style

Sheila Bocchine approaches her pinhole work with amazing enthusiasm and joy and has turned the staid genre of wedding photography on its head by offering her clients one of a kind, expressive pinhole records of their special day.

A Pinhole Diary of Eating Out

Nancy Breslin, takes her pinhole camera everywhere and brings it out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Over the last several years she has dined, documented and created over 600 images. Starting in the fall of 2002, she took the images online in 2003. Without Lenses asked Nancy to elaborate on how she started this project and where she is going from here.

Magic on the Playa :: A Look Inside the Pinhole Camp

Each summer in late August, August 27 through September 3, 2007 this year, thousands of people travel to the remote and barren Black Rock desert of Nevada for the art festival Burning Man. Home for a week to artists, and revelers, it is also home to the Pinhole Camp.

Imagined Spaces :: Inside the Constructed World of Lou Krueger

A look behind the vision and work of Lou Krueger. Fascinated by his work and the combination of intricate dioramas he constructs and the custom cameras he makes to take the images, WL talked to Lou this summer and he peels back some of the mystery by sharing his processes and taking us behind the scenes of these fascinating constructions.

Visiting with Craig J. Barber

Craig J. Barber is a photographer who travels and works exclusively with the pinhole format and focuses on the cultural landscape. Without Lenses and Craig chat about his work and his new book, Ghosts in the Landscape: Vietnam Revisited.

Spreading the Pinhole Love :: Behind the Scenes with Tom Persinger of f295

On the eve of the first f295 Symposium, WL speaks with Tom Persinger, about his role as an evangelist in the Pinhole community and thoughts about his own work as a photographer.

Catching Light :: Making Cameras with Artist Jo Babcock

Joseph Babcock shares his thoughts about his work, his influences and ideas about what makes him tick as a creator of cameras and their corresponding images.