Call for Entries: 2013 DIY-Pinhole Photo Contest

Pinhole master, Chris Keeney, is hosting a pinhole photo contest and online gallery to help promote the art of making pinhole images and cameras.

From the site:
“Hello all of you lensless photography lovers. In an effort to spread the love of the art of pinhole photography, I have decided to do a photo contest and online gallery. The contest is open to anyone who has read my book to help them make their own pinhole camera. The contest and gallery is for photos created by cameras inspired from my book Pinhole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide. First, second and third place winners will receive a working pinhole camera made by me (Chris Keeney) and their photos placed in the gallery. As I get photos I will add them to the gallery below. The abstract photos that in place now are for position only and will be replaced with people’s submissions as I get them.”

I will be excepting photos from now until September 31, 2013. This will give people the spring and fall to create some pinhole photos that I hope will enter in the contest. All you need to do to enter is email me the pinhole photos along with your name, image titles and I’ll add them to the contest & gallery. Thanks and I look forward to getting your submissions. -Chris

2013 DIY Pinhole Photography Contest
email your pinhole photos to

Please limit your photo submissions to 10 or less.

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Pinhole images submitted should be in .jpg format and sized to at least 1200 pixels wide @ 72 DPI

All photo submissions due by September 31, 2013

When You email your submissions to me please make sure you include your name and hometown, the title of the image(s) your submitting, the camera you used to create the photo(s) and the dates they were created. If you submit more than one image please name your files in a way that I can decipher which image goes with the appropriate caption text.

Please email your submissions to ———–> <--------------

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