Call for Entries: Black and White – Minneapolis Photo Center

Deadline for Entry: 23 July 2010
Results Announced: 2 August 2010
Opening Reception: 10 September 2010
Exhibit Juror: George Slade

What does “black and white” mean to contemporary photographers in the digital age? When Robert Frank made this observation, black-and-white film and silver prints were photography’s most commonly used materials. Nearly a half century later they are approaching “alternative media” status. Or are they? Are the implications and meanings of black and white still central to photography’s unique nature as a visual medium?

Submissions to this juried exhibition are limited only by your imagination and your photographic eye. Portraits, fashion, editorial, landscapes, documentary, conceptual–all of these genres, and others not named, are open for consideration.

Prints should take whatever form they need to in order to represent the continuum of gray tones that comprise your photographs. Whether the initial recording was made on film or pixels is immaterial. However, in the final assessment, prints will be judged on their merits. Qualities of form, content, and relation to traditions of black-and-white printing and visualization will be sought in the pool of submissions. Please submit work that reflects your interests of the past five years.