Call for Entries: emergence, Lightbox Photographic


• the process of coming into view
• the process of becoming important or prominent
• a totally unique and inclusive print sharing exhibit

For fine art photographers at every level, LightBox announces this call for art,
as part of our fundraising campaign. “Leap and the Net will Appear”

Deadline for submission is midnight February 4, 2013

LightBox believes in the fine art photographer, the individual vision that each exhibits with their artistic expression and the importance of the beauty and quality of the final print. Each image and print of every photographer will be included in this exhibit.

Emergence celebrates each photographers desire to be seen, the thrill of discovering a creative and unique vision, and the ideal of print sharing and the appreciation of the final print. In the exhibit emergence, with print sharing as the goal, each photographer will receive a print from another photographer, one for each submission, when the exhibit comes down from the gallery walls.

The spirit of emergence remains within all fine art photographers regardless of what stage they are in their career. Each photographer, as they are recognized, wishes to gain more notoriety. Recognition of the individual artist, the building of community among fine art photographers, and the sharing of their vision and fine art prints is the objective of this exhibit. Each photographer will be able to provide an artist statement and a link to their webpage to share with their image on the LightBox website.

Photographers are invited to submit one to four bare prints, a piece that represents very well who they are as an artist. Bare prints will be shown on the walls of LightBox Gallery and will be exhibited for sale online on a special showpage. Prints will be for sale at one of three standard prices determined by the photographer. Photographers will receive 70% of the sales price in the event of a sale, but consequently, will not receive another artist’s print in exchange.

The emergence exhibit is part of the “Leap and the Net will Appear” fundraising effort. LightBox has been in existence for nearly four years. It was conceived and built by Michael and Chelsea Granger to provide a Photographic Center and Gallery on the North Coast of Oregon for the promotion of fine art photography, the individual artist, and for education in creative and alternative photography and processes. When many photographic galleries were closing in a bad economy, LightBox opened. After four years of struggle to overcome debt and bills, LightBox reaches out to photographic artists and photographic art lovers and collectors, to help defeat this debt and allow LightBox to emerge from the darkness and into a bright future.

Thank you for contributing to this exhibit. Have Fun!

Entry Guidelines (pdf)