Call for Entries: Issue 17 Gallery Theme: “Ebb & Flow: The cycle of change – Light Leaks Magazine

Guest gallery editor for issue 17 is Mary Ann Lynch.

This is an open call to all photographers using low-fi cameras* all over the world to submit your best image representing this theme. Please read the following instructions to ensure your submission gets considered:

* Number of images to submit: 1 only
* File type: .jpg only
* Resolution: 72dpi
* Image size: a good size to fill your screen (minimum 400 pixels, maximum 1000 pixels in width and/or height)
* Image name: firstname-lastname-LL17.jpg
* Submit to:

Deadline: March 13, 2010.

You will receive an automatic response indicating your submission was received. Due to the number of submissions, if any instructions above are not followed, your submission will not be considered, and you will not be informed (so follow the instructions 😉

Only those whose images are accepted for publishing in the gallery will be contacted. We will not respond to queries about why your image was not accepted.