Call for Entries: Issue #2 Descry Magazine


Nighttime changes things; alters the landscape; night is bare, stripped down to nothing. Where solitude frightens us, and shadows dance on walls. Fingertips scrape skin, residue sneaks from beneath the nails; the night is a warm body by your side and the stain of a stranger’s scent. Disturbed and uncertain, night is a lonesome rampage. Mysteries unfold in the night; where we take a ride on a midnight train; where direction exists inside objects and pulses, and details, like the cold wind cutting through your hair and a distant rabbit’s howl, are all we have.

In darkness, you are fooled, and the world turns askew, slight at first. Creatures slink in, brutish and savage; sleep is stolen away. Night is the peephole to crawl into other worlds, tangible and alive. Fantastical places where order is unknown, where tall hats crawl from circus tents, elephants tiptoe across treetops, and girls with fins walk on water and where love, despite it all, manages to find you.

In the night there lurks a masquerade, waits a solace, finds a fantasy, haunts a nightmare.

Issue 2 will connect the nighttime narratives from across town and from oceans away. An inspired catalogue of what keeps us from our dreams, what lingers in our darkest shadows, and what fastens us to our pillow each night. Issue 2 is meant to collectively expose the most intimate vulnerabilities, illusions, hallucinations, dreams, fantasies, and memories that are stored in our midnight hours.

All visual submissions accepted.

Deadline: July 30, 2010.

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