Call for Entries: Lomography and Cut Magazine: Your Best Summer Pinhole Shots

The site is in german, but google translated this to read:

Together with the CUT Magazine searches the best Lomography pinhole camera photos of the summer! Tinkering your own camera and shows us not only your DIY skills, but also your talent for fascinating Pinhole Photography. Brings you inspiration in the current issue of the magazine or CUT to Lomography and fire away!

The details
Film / Camera Type: Allows is analog material of any origin (no digital manipulation).
Upload Limit: 5 pinhole photos + 1 image of the pinhole camera you used. The image from the camera can also be digital. The camera can be a self-design, but also bought a pinhole camera.
Thread: Pinhole Photography. The subject is optional.
Minimum dimensions: at least 768 pixels in one direction.
Meta-data must be complete. (Camera, Film, Location, and three keywords (tags))

End of competition: 31 August 2013

Get going and make the end of August for the best uploads. We want to see how your summer was – but only through a pinhole! Have fun and success!

Pinhole Photography or Pinhole photography is to shoot without the lens. This will be replaced by a small hole through which light passes. In simplified terms, a pinhole camera is thus a box with a hole on one side and a film or photo paper on the other.

The cameras can be small or large, you can build yourself or buy ready . They can be formed from different objects or materials from egg shells to pine nuts , from boxes to packaging film , from birdhouses to garbage cans – creativity knows no bounds. In the current issue of CUT magazine there is not only a guide to camera design (also online at )., but also all the important tips and tricks for happy pinhole photography

Show us your talent pinhole!

Who has come to the tastes of pinhole photography or has already tried it, can at Lomography x CUT photo contest put his masterpieces on display, as well as the corresponding camera with which the pictures were taken. This can be a self-design, but also bought a pinhole camera like a Diana Multi Pinhole Operator or P-Sharan Wide 35 .

The 10 best photos and the associated cameras are both the CUT and Lomography websites on Facebook and presents and of course there are 3 great grand prizes to be won.

1 Prize: Diana Multi Pinhole Operator + a 35mm Instant Back + (Sum: 128 EUR) + a special award for your LomoHome
2 Prize: Diana Multi Pinhole Operator + a packet Lomography 400 ISO 120 film + a packet Lomography 100 ISO 120 film (Value: 72 €) + a LomoHome Award
3 Price: A Lomography smartphone scanner (Value: 59 €) + a LomoHome Award