Call for Entries: Managed Landscapes, Vermont Photo Space Gallery

Managed Landscapes

Submissions Close Midnight 8/18/2010 EST

Managed LandscapeThe touch of man on the natural landscape is all around us. From shimmering cityscapes and rural farms to strip mines and garbage dumps. Let’s see images that show the touch of man, light or heavy, on the earth around us.

“Contemporary landscape photography’s insights and observations reach far beyond the natural environment. A close examination of the land will often reveal more about ourselves as individuals, communities, and society at large.” Thomas Bachand.

Juror: Thomas Bachand

Thomas Bachand has been a professional photographer for over a decade, working in both traditional and digital mediums. His photography has appeared in magazines, advertisements, brochures, and textbooks – both in print and on the web. He writes on digital imaging issues for professional trade publications and lecturers on photography and technology issues.

Tom is the author of Lake Tahoe: A Fragile Beauty. In addition to private collections, his photography can be found in the Bancroft Library and the California Historical Society.

Thomas Bachand’s photography is a consideration of the land and the competing visions that inform our interaction with the world at large. Core to the work is its accessibility to the viewer. The use of color and a documentary style allow for an open and immediate connection to the subject. By embracing a historical perspective, the photography captures a sense of honesty characteristic of the medium’s early pioneers. Whether creating a single, evocative image inviting reflection or a series conveying a sense of time and place, Bachand’s exploration includes the role of storyteller. He seeks a convergence of the ordinary – extraordinary only in so much as it is revealing, offering both possibility and contemplation.

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