Call for Entries: Monochromatic, The Darkroom Gallery

Deadline: Midnight EST January 25th
Juror: Rafal Maleszyk

Monochrome images from traditional silver black and whites to cyanotypes, sepia toned photographs and anything else in the color-less spectrum.

“The term accessories has come to include a host of photographic gadgets of questionable value…”
~Ansel Adams, The Camera

“A good daguerreotype was as perfect a kind of photograph as was ever made.” ~Edward Steichen

These two masters enriched the history of photography by being some of the first to experiment with new technologies in a relatively new art medium. They were also traditionalists and truly embraced manual and old photography processes. The hundred and fifty photographers from Steichen’s world is millions today, and finding “as perfect a kind of photograph as was ever made” is no longer as simple. Digital cameras and editing software have transformed the medium and opened up whole new worlds for the 21st century photographer. We have dozens of “aps” that help us tweak a digital image to “perfection” in minutes. A vast repertoire of image resources we look to for inspiration and meaning still brings us to the same point of reflection as photographers of the early 20th century: what is the art of photography?

Black and white photography, a genre that many would claim made them fall in love with image-making in the first place, has remained completely relevant and contemporary despite it’s ancient roots. It is timeless, sometimes soft, sometimes dramatic and brings new perspective to images and image making. Whether you are a darkroom purist or a Photoshop craftperson, show us your love for hue-less images. We want to see YOUR best black and white or alternative process images for an exhibit that will pay tribute to the origins of photography and praise it’s development.