Call for Entries: num6ers, ASmith Gallery

num – 6ers : digit, count, numeral, character, sum, symbol, total, abundance, amount, collection, conglomeration, crowd, flock, multitude, quantity, slew, throng, total, figure, musical periods, tune, song, plenitude, bunch, aggregate.

I was working on my computer preparing tax returns sometime around April 1st . (Yes, that is what I do in my other life.) I was entering “numbers” into the various tax forms when it hit me. I see them all day long all over my computer screen. Why not see what a photographer can do with “numbers”. So, interpret as you please. Nothing really has to “add up”.

Forty five to fifty images will be selected for exhibition. A Blurb catalogue of the exhibit with all accepted entries will be available for purchase. Awards are $250 for Jurors Choice, $250 Directors Choice Award from the gallery director, $100 for Visitors Choice and five Honorable Mentions.

The co-jurors for “num6ers” will be Carol Watson and Amanda Smith.

From the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in Southern Alberta where she grew up, to the ranches and wildflower fields of Texas she now calls home, Carol Watson’s art fittingly unearths a fairy-tale beauty that can only be found on the borders of visible light and the imagination. Totally self-taught, Carol started experimenting with digital photography and has since explored film, lomography, Holga and digital infrared photography. Her background in mathematics and computer technology led her to embrace the digital darkroom where most of her post-processing takes place.

Currently, Carol operates Watson Studio Gallery from her studios in Austin, Blanco (Texas) and Mineral de Pozos, Mexico. In the corporate world, Carol works as an IT Manager at National Instruments in Austin, TX. Her website can be found at

Amanda Smith is the director of A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. She has won numerous awards for her photography and her work has been included in many collections and publications. Besides her photography, she has been a practicing certified public accountant for the past thirty five years. Her photography website is

Creativity is encouraged.