Call for Entries: Peace, Love, Pinhole

Apologies for the late posting of this, but folks can submit work until June 21st, 2010.


WSPBiennale represents the international photographic project “PEACE LOVE PINHOLE” This project includes the series of the exhibitions and the publication of pinhole photos catalogue. The first exhibition will be opened on 8th march in the garage, which size of 200 square metres. The final exhibition, presentation of the catalogue and opening on-line galleries on the official web-site WSPBiennale, where the works would be represented on, chosen by the juries, will pass in October – in a museum of Vrubel (Omsk)

For participation you need to print 3 photos made by any pinhole camera. Images can be any format (a parity of the parties). They should be printed on the mat photographic paper in the size 10Ñ…15 centimetres. You may print in a photolaboratory, on a printer and with a photographic enlarger. On the other side of each picture you should point: the name and surname, the country and city of the author

It is necessary to send the works , packed into the envelope, by mail from 1st of January till 21st of June, 2010:
WSPBiennale PO Box 8585 Omsk 644008 Russian Federation.
After sending it is necessary to send on the e-mail: the letter with theme “PEACE LOVE PINHOLE”: having filled out your name, a surname, the country and a city. After reception of the letter with works – you’ll receive the acknowledgement. All the sent pictures remain in collection WSPBiennale and can participate in various projects

The most interesting works, according to “supervisory board” – will be awarded by prizes. The constantly replenishing list of prizes:
Igor Bryakilev will kindly give the pinhole camera of own manufacturing
DAMIRECORDS from Damir Muratov
EBREGGAE 5 made in Jamaica vinil single
FLAMMABLEBEATS 5 made in Jamaica vinil single
From WSPBiennale – 10 copper plates for manufacturing of holes with own hand cut out by the designer of the space rockets
A sand-glass supermegaelectronic watch (Japan) for accuracy of measurement of an exposition