Call for Entries: Summer of Cyanotype, ASmith Gallery

In April, I traveled down to Corpus Christi to give a talk to the art departments graduate studies students at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi about life as a gallery director/photographer/CPA. During my visit, my gracious hostess, Barbra Riley, took me to the Islander Art Gallery to see an exhibit featuring the work of Diana Byers, a graduating art student. Diana has been working on both large and small scale cyanotypes for her Master of Arts Thesis exhibition. I was mesmerized. They were stunningly beautiful. And my love for the cyanotypes came rushing back.

I decided right then and there I would devote my summer to making cyanotype prints, calling it the “Summer of Cyanotype”. I am confident that there are those out there that would like to accompany me on this summertime journey. To exhibit our work, there will be an exhibition from September 17 to September 26 with an opening/closing reception on September 25 from 4 to 7 PM. Please join me on this adventure into the blue.

Prints received by:
September 5, 2011

Exhibition dates:
September 16 to September 25, 2011

Opening/Closing reception:
September 24 from 4 to 7 PM

Pick Up/Mail back prints:
September 26 to October 2, 2011

Summer of Cyanotype Rules:
1. You are responsible for shipping/delivery to and from the gallery.

2. Framing is not necessary. Cyanotype prints can be hung with clips provided by the gallery.

3. Cyanotype prints may be made at anytime, not necessarily during the summer of 2011.

4. Cyanotypes may be made from negatives or as photograms.

5. Please send an”Image Information List” indicating the title of each image and price.

6. There is a limit of ten images per photographer.

7. Cyanotypes can be any size.

8. There is no juroring. All images are accepted.

If using the US Postal Service, images and “Image Information List” should be mailed to:

A Smith Gallery
P O Box 175
Johnson City, TX 78636

If using FedEx or UPS, images and “Image Information List” should be sent to:

A Smith Gallery
105 N Nugent Ave
Johnson City, TX 78636

Submission Fee:
A non-refundable entry fee of $10 which covers all images submitted up to and limited to ten images.
PayPal or a check made payable to A Smith Gallery and mailed to:

A Smith Gallery
P O Box 175
Johnson City, TX 78636

A Smith Gallery will retain 40% of the sales price.

A Smith Gallery will execise all due care in handling prints, but will not be responsible for loss or damage or replacement of prints in transit.

A Smith Gallery retains the right to display, project, reproduce and subsequently display as thumbnails on A Smith Gallery website, work accepted for this exhibition for publicity and promotional purposes only. Individual photographers retain Copyrights to their individual works.

Entries must not have been exhibited previously in an exhibition at A Smith Gallery.