Call for Entries: Ten Best Ten


WIN-Initiative’s 10 BEST 10 International Competition is a definitive showcase of the very best of contemporary photography. This photo competition offers excellent exposure to both leading edge and emerging photographers that like to think outside the box. The competition is open to any creative photo artist and the subject matter may range, but we’re mostly interested in your cutting-edge personal work. WIN provides an opportunity for international editorial exposure plus a peer review of your work by esteemed judges, each influential in their field of expertise. Winners will be selected on the basis of concept and originality, as well as coherence in style.

WIN helps discover and support innovative and emerging talent worldwide. For our 2010 competition we are partnering up with ten prominent magazines that share our creative vision and emphasis on global urban youth culture. It is our intent for the 10 BEST 10 photographers to enjoy as much cross platform promotion and worldwide exposure as possible.

This 10 BEST 10 has two stages.

FIRST STAGE: The editors from each of our partner magazines will pick ten winners total (The 10 BEST 10) based on the entries from their region. They assign their winners a photo shoot to be executed for their magazine. Each winner will win a DSLR camera. Winners will be required to document their entire photo production on the video function of their new camera or on an alternate mini cam.

SECOND STAGE: The magazine submits their layout, featuring your work. A distinguished jury will award a Grand Prize of $3000 to the most outstanding layout and photography.

How easy is this? There are NO categories.
SIMPLY SEND US YOUR TEN BEST IMAGES! Multiple entries are allowed.

Entries must be submitted by March 8th, 2010

The fee for each entry is TEN dollars. An entry consists of TEN images. Photographers are allowed to submit multiple entries.
See estimated fee in: Argentina Pesos
Australia Dollars
Canada Dollars China Yuans
Denmark Kroner
Euro Russia Rubles
South Africa Rand
United Kingdom Pounds