Call for Entries: The Language of Light: Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery

Deadline: Midnight, Monday February 7, 2011

Photography. When Sir William Herschel sought a way to describe exciting new advances in mechanical image-making in 1839, he decided on the word “photography” from the Greek roots for “light” and “writing.” Since then, photography has developed its own languages of light. Day or night scenes, subjects in bright or dim light, natural or enhanced illumination all contribute to the language of light in photography today.

For this juried exhibition, juror Paul Paletti will select images in which light is key element in the photograph. He will choose forty photographs for exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery from March 29th through April 23rd, 2011. He will also choose an additional thirty-five photographs of these subjects for the gallery’s “On-Line Annex.” All selected work will be included in a full-color exhibition catalogue available for purchase. To help artists defray costs, PhotoPlace Gallery offers to mat and frame work selected for exhibition free of charge, providing artists print their images to our pre-cut mat and frame sizes.

Paul Paletti is the founder and director of Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville, KY. Paul earned his BFA in photography from the University of New Mexico, where he studied with Beamont Newhall, Van Deren Coke, and Ray Metzker. He earned his MFA in photography at Central Washington University and his JD at the University of Louisville. He has been a partner in the law firm of Sturm, Paletti, and Wilson since 1994. He is an avid collector and supporter of historic and contemporary photography. He has been named a juror for the 2010 PhotoLucida Critical Mass competition.

To enter, please read the instructions for submissions, then send us your files and the application info. Payment of the $25 application fee for the first five photographs can be made on the application form’s PayPal link.

Application Form – please cut and paste into a word document, or e-mail this information to us –

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