Call for Entries: TPS 23: International Competition, Texas Photographic Society

Call for Entries

Calendar of Events
02-07-14 Emailed entries due
02-26-14 Notification emailed to accepted entrants and posted at
03-31-14 Framed prints received at A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas
04-04-14 Show opens at A Smith Gallery
04-26-14 Artists’ Reception from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at A Smith Gallery
04-27-14 Show closes at A Smith Gallery. Exhibition will be available to tour Texas for one year.

First Place $350
Second Place $250
Third Place $150
Up to 5 Honorable Mentions may be awarded
About the Juror
Susan kae Grant, Professor and Head of Photography & Book Arts at Texas Woman’s University
Susan kae Grant received an MFA in Photography and Book Arts in 1979 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since 1981, Grant has been teaching at Texas Woman’s University, where she is currently Professor and Head of the Photography & Book Arts area. She is also on staff at the International Center of Photography where she teaches bookmaking workshops annually. Grant has lectured on artists’ books, conducted bookmaking workshops and exhibited her work throughout the United States, Canada, China, Europe, Australia, British Columbia, Africa and Japan. Her work is represented by Conduit Gallery in Dallas, Texas; Verve Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe, NM; Galerie BMG in Woodstock, New York; and Vamp & Tramp Booksellers, LTD in Birmingham, AL.

Juror’s Statement
As an artist and educator, I look for images that are evidence of the artist’s vision with the power of connecting real world observations with the imagination. I love it when an image shows me something I have never seen before and empowers me to see in an entirely new and profound way.

I enjoy images that hint at a story and appreciate a considered use of technique to construct an emotional and believable space. These images have the power to transport the viewer to a different reality, the reality of the artist’s inner experience.

Artists taking risks and incorporating a unique and personal style within the methodology by which they work are of interest to me. I am drawn to images that evoke a sense of surprise and wonder that are both challenging and inspiring while portraying a perfect balance between form and content. I am most in awe when an image momentarily takes my breath away by intriguing more with questions than answers. I love work that has a sense of mystery that challenges and questions the way I question every day of my life.

Submit Entries via Email:
1. Please provide the following in your email message: (1) the print title, process, dimensions, date, and price/NFS for each entered image. Be sure to number each image to correspond with the number of your file name (file naming conventions indicated below); (2) your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone numbers (work and home); and (3) your images attached as jpegs.

2. Files should be no greater than 1000 pixels in the longest dimension and saved in JPEG format on the high quality setting (not maximum). Images should be saved at 72ppi, in sRGB color space.

3. Label each file with consecutive numbers followed by your full name. For example, 1SamJones, 2SamJones. Do NOT use spaces in the file name (use underscores if necessary), and do NOT use special characters such as :'”/?}{()[ ]+-=*&^ %$#@!. (use only alpha-numeric characters).

4. You may make payments via Paypal, credit card (using our secure website) or check (personal check or cashier’s check). The address is in the “If Your Work is Accepted” section.

5. Email your images and information to

TPS encourages the sales of exhibited photographs. TPS requests a donation of 50% of the sale price. Print your name, address, telephone numbers (work and home), and price on the back of each accepted print. If your print is Not-For-Sale, simply note NFS but provide a dollar amount for record-keeping purposes. If you do not indicate a dollar value, the artwork will be listed as NFS.

TPS will exercise all due care when handling your work, but will not be held responsible for loss, damage, or replacement.

TPS retains the right to display, project, and reproduce work accepted for this exhibition for publicity and promotional purposes only. Individual photographers still retain copyright to his/her own individual images.

TPS 23 is open to amateur and professional artists internationally. You do not have to be a TPS member to enter this competition; however, you may join TPS and enter this show at the same time. Works exhibited previously in a TPS show are not eligible, and all work must have been produced in the last five years. Entries must be submitted digitally.

If Your Work is Accepted
1. Send one exhibition print for each photograph that is accepted.

2. Prints must be mounted and overmatted using 16″x20″ white mat board with at least 2″ of matte visible on all sides of the print. Maximum print size is 12″x16″. Smaller prints, 3″x5″ for example, are acceptable if they are mounted and overmatted to the 16″x20″ size. To ensure consistency in presentation, please frame your work using simple black metal frames with plexiglass ONLY. Also, please use hanging wire on the back of your print. TPS reserves the right to exclude works from the exhibition that are not matted and framed according to specifications.
3. Include return postage for prints to be shipped back to you when the exhibition concludes. Prints WITHOUT postage will NOT be returned. Prints will be returned in the container in which they were received.
4. No packing “peanuts,” and please be considerate of our limited storage space when choosing your packaging.

5. Prints must arrive at A Smith Gallery no later than March 31, 2014.

If you have questions after reading all the guidelines, please contact Amy Holmes George at

Send your print(s) to:

Shipping via United States Postal Service (USPS):
Texas Photographic Society
A Smith Gallery
PO Box 175
Johnson City, TX 78636

Shipping via UPS or FedEx:
Texas Photographic Society
A Smith Gallery
105 N. Nugent Avenue
Johnson City, TX 78636