Call for Entries: Exposure 2013, Boston, MA

All entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, March 3, 2013.

Submission Guidelines
• You must be a member of the PRC through July 31, 2013 in order to enter Exposure 2013.
• If you have been featured in any of the past five Exposure exhibitions, you are not eligible to enter Exposure 2013.
• If you have won the Staff Picks Award but were not featured in the exhibition, you are eligible to enter Exposure 2013.
• Submitted images must have been taken within the past five years unless they are part of a new body of work created
within the past five years that deliberately makes use of older photographs.
• If we select this work it must be available for display. Please only submit work that can be shown.
• You are required to adhere to all published schedules, specifications, and guidelines. Not doing so will disqualify your entry,
and your entry fee will not be refunded.
If you are selected as a winner:
• You are required to deliver your work to the PRC for exhibition and pick up from the PRC following the exhibition according to published dates. If you cannnot deliver and pick up the work personally, you will need to arrange and pay for shipping.
• You are responsible for delivering the work suitable for hanging.
• You are encouraged, but not required, to attend the opening reception with the juror.

STEP 1. Prepare your images and all related texts.
Carefully edit a group of no more than 10 images that together describe your current photographic work. Save the image
files as RGB jpgs. Do not save them in CMYK as the colors will be completely off in the presentation. The images should be at least 1000 pixels in one dimension. Viewbook will automatically resize them down if they are larger. For ease of uploading, place the images you intend to submit in one folder on your computer.
You will also need to have the following information available:
a. An artist statement
b. Specific information for each piece:
Title (for identification purposes)
Date of Exposure/date of print
Image size/specify which (height before width)
Paper size/specify which (height before width)
Medium of finished work
Caption (optional)

STEP 2. Create a free account on to upload your images and text.*, a service for photographers to create online portfolios and websites, is partnering with the PRC for this juried exhibition to facilitate sending and jurying your work. Please follow these steps to submit your portfolio for Exposure 2013.
* If you already have a Viewbook account or have submitted to Exposure, see j, NOTE 2 below.
a. Go to the following link in your browser to create an account (you can click the link below or copy and paste into a browser).
This special link allows you to set up a free 30-day Pro Viewbook account. Your submission to Exposure will be viewable to PRC staff for the duration of the competition even if your account with Viewbook expires. If you already have a Viewbook account, you can skip this step and use your existing account.
b. In the upper left, under ALBUMS, you will see the first default album with the title “untitled.” Click on the name “untitled” and change to the title for your submission.
c. Click the large arrow in the center of the screen where it says “Click to Upload Images.”
d. The next screen will say “Choose images to upload.” Click to select the images on your computer that you want to upload. You can select a batch and upload them all at once. Once you have all your images selected, click button to start upload. You can select more images, or if you are done, click button for “done.”
e. The next screen will show thumbnails of your images. You can click and drag them to change the order. You can delete images and add more if you need to, but do not submit more than ten images.
f. You will need to enter title information for each photo. Click the first photo in the sequence. Fields on the right will say Title and Description. In Title, enter a one-line title for the work. In the Description field for each image, enter information as described above in step 1—date of exposure/date of print if different, size of image (height before width), size of paper (height before width), medium of finished work, and caption (if appropriate). You can view your album exactly how the juror will see it by clicking on the “Open” button (to the left of the “Share” button) in the tool bar.
g. Click at the top where it says “Share.” Then click on the link for PRC Exposure 2013.
h. On the following page, enter all your information, including your artist statement.
i. NOTE 1: Once you create your entry in Viewbook and submit it to Exposure, the PRC will archive a copy of this entry that cannot be changed. You can continue to edit the album you created in Viewbook as you would any other Viewbook album, but this will not effect the version that was submitted to Exposure.
j. NOTE 2: This note only pertains to photographers who entered Exposure in 2011 or 2012 and are having problem
registering with this year. If you created a trial account previously with Viewbook and did not pay to
continue their service, your account will be frozen. If you try registering a new account with the same email address as last year, you will get a message that the email address is not available. If you try to login with your email and password from last year, you will get a message that the account is frozen. There are two solutions. 1) register a new account with a new email address, 2) go the the help page ( and submit a request to unfreeze your account. Viewbook is a aware of this problem and will unfreeze your account.

STEP 3. Final Submission and Payment
The next screen will be a submission form where you will enter your contact information, title of submission, and artist statement. Upon submitting, you will be sent back to the PRC website with a link to our secure online payment terminal. After paying, you will receive a receipt via email.
If you are not currently a PRC member, you will have the opportunity to purchase membership at the time of paying your
entry fee. If you are a current member of the PRC, and your membership expires prior to July 2013, renewing now will extend your membership for one year from the expiration date of your membership.
If you are a student of a PRC Institutional Member School, please email a copy of your student ID card to in order to waive the membership fee. You still must pay the $35 entry fee.
After you receive an email receipt of payment, your submission process is complete. Further details about the Exposure 2013 schedule, including notification and exhibition dates, are on the PRC website at

Additional Information
Your Pro account with Viewbook will stay live for 30 days and it is a fully functional account. After 30 days you will be offered the opportunity to keep the account by paying the normal fees, or you can disregard the renewal notices and allow the album to expire. If your Viewbook account expires, your exhibit will continue to be viewable to the PRC for six months.
Applicants must have a PRC membership valid through July 31, 2013. If you have questions about your membership status,
please contact the PRC at 617-975-0600 or

Please allow at least 48 hours to receive responses (Monday through Friday) to questions pertaining to your membership
status or your submission. If you have questions regarding your submission or membership status, please call the PRC at 617-975-0600 or email no later than Wednesday, February 27, so that we can have time to respond and you will have time to make any necessary changes prior to the Sunday, March 3 deadline.