Class: Calotype Workshop with Dan Estabrook

Pittsburgh, PA

Calotype Workshop
Instructor: Dan Estabrook

This two-day workshop will cover Talbot’s original Calotype paper negative process. Although the original formula was notoriously difficult, even at its beginning, it still works beautifully with a little care and patience. Students will prepare the iodised paper and shoot their own negatives in camera. We will also discuss later advancements up to and including the wax-paper process, and tips and techniques for printing these negatives on traditional salted paper processes.

Class is limited to six participants.

Location: F295 Studio, Pittsburgh PA
Date: April 17 -18, 2010 (Sat, Sun)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm (with break for lunch)
Cost: $350 (+ Lab Fee TBA- chemicals and disposables at cost)

Pre-registration is available now >>