Class: Carbon Transfer with Sandy King


Carbon Transfer
Cost: $ 725.00
June 27-July 2, 2010 With Sandy King

In this workshop, the student can expect to learn:

What materials, including light sources, are necessary for printing with alternative processes, and how to use them? Learn how to make necessary materials which are no longer available commercially, including carbon tissue. Learn to expose and develop in-camera negatives for printing with alternative processes. Learn how to make digital negatives. Learn how to sensitize carbon tissue and prepare it for printing. Learn how to expose carbon tissue and transfer it to a suitable base. Learn how to develop the carbon image. Learn how to clear the print and carry out final finishing, including touch-up work.

Students are encouraged to bring negatives suitable for alternative printing in 4×5″ to 8×10″ size to the workshop. Negatives which print well on a grade #0 or #l silver paper, or in pt,/pd. should print well in carbon.

This class has a kit and/or a lab fee to be paid at the end of this workshop