Class: Creating Art with Toy Cameras with Aline Smithson

This fun two-day class is intended for those interested in an alternative approach to traditional photography. Participants will learn the history of toy cameras, such as the Diana and the Holga, and learn why “blur” has become so popular in the fine art market. As a “point- and-shoot” type camera, the Holga’s technical decisions are minimal, and consequently it can become the creative tool that the photographer’s camera bag has been missing! Aline Smithson will teach what film to use, how to alter the camera to get the desired result, how to change the size of the negative, and what lighting conditions give the best result. The two-day format will allow students to develop their work for a fun and informative group critique session!

Please note the workshop will be held at Freestyle Photographic Supplies located at 5124 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027.

Enrollment Limit: 15 students