Class: Daguerreotype at Rayko Photo Center

San Francisco, CA

DAGUERREOTYPE (Spring | Beginning)
Even after more than 170 years since its invention, the Daguerreotype remains arguably the most beautiful photographic process. During this two-day workshop, we’ll take you through the entire process – from bare copper plate to silvery, jewel-like Daguerreotype – and explain the tools and techniques necessary to make these images safely using the original mercury-development method. You’ll learn to polish and electroplate your own plates, then sensitize, expose, and develop them through a chemical process that is so elegantly simple it will make you weep tears of joy for the pure alchemical magic of it. Hooray for photography!
Each participant will have the opportunity to produce several 2×3” plates, which can be portraits or still-life images made here in our studio or landscapes made just outside our doors in the bustle of downtown San Francisco. All equipment and materials are provided, and one custom-made Daguerreotype presentation case is included.
Saturday & Sunday | 10a-5p | May 22 & 23
Cost: $700
Limit: 6 students
Instructor: Michael Shindler