Class: Lensless Workshop for Film and Digital w/ Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer, Cabrillo College, Capitola CA

Pinhole/Zone Plate/Camera Obscura Workshop for Film and Digital
Workshop presenter: Spencer & Renner
Cost: $400 – plus materials fee at class

Class #01VAP1-01
Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., room V2022

Transcend photography through the pinhole and zone plate. In this fun workshop we’ll make images with our own film-based and digital cameras or cameras built in the class. We’ll also build a large camera obscura, and emerge with an enhanced understanding of how these cameras work. Our images will be made using both traditional chemical and digital techniques. Each day we’ll spend time crusing Santa Cruz, photographing, and working toward an expressive personal portfolio of work.
No previous experience is necessary..

Nancy Spencer and Eric Renner are co-directors of Pinhole Resources Inc., a nonprofit pinhole photography archive and educational institution dedicated to sharing information about pinhole photography. They have worked collaboratively since 1989 giving lectures, workshops, and exhibiting their photographs internationally. Spencer is the author of several books. They were co-editors of Pinhole Journal, published from 1985-2006. Spencer and Renner live in the Mimbres Valley, New Mexico.

2010 CLASSES – Register Starting April 19!
New Workshops This Summer. All Classes Run from July 19 to July 30.
• Students must be 18 years or older.
• Easy online registration on this site or with Cabrillo Extension.
• Small class size – limited to 16 students,
• A 10% service fee for all refund requests. No refunds given after July 5th.
• Workshops will be held in the new Visual and Perfomring Arts Complex.