Class: Modern Dry Plate Tintype with Jill Enfield

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Modern Dry Plate Tintype with Jill Enfield
Instructor: Jill Enfield

Join us for this exciting two day exploration of modern tintypes and how to convert old ‘Brownie’ cameras to use for the tintype process! We’ll spend the first part of the day converting cameras, learning about tintypes (modern and traditional) and making plates in the darkroom. These plates, unlike the wet collodion tintype process, can be taken on location and used in the field far from a darkroom. Modern tintypes are very similar to the historic dry plate process; a short lived process introduced by Kodak in the late 1800s as a convenient alternative to wet plate photography.

These days you can do wet plate – which means you need a darkroom with you! or dry plate in which you use liquid emulsion to coat and prepare plates ahead of time, use them on location, and return to the darkroom for development.

We will coat in the morning, break for lunch, go on location in the afternoon and return to the darkroom to develop.

Class is limited to 6 participants

Location: F295 Studio, Pittsburgh PA
Date: February 20-21, 2010 (Sat, Sun)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm (with break for lunch)
Cost: $225 (+ Lab Fee TBA- chemicals and disposables at cost)