Class: Photography Seminar with Al Weber


Photography Seminar
Cost: $ 825.00
June 20-25, 2010 With David Vestal & Al Weber

Join Vestal and Weber for a week of traditional black and white photography for input from opposing and different points of view. Shoot, process, print, and discus your work in a casual and supporting atmosphere. Right down the middle of the road, with a smidgen of technical and useful science. Go on with what you do well, and we’ll try to fix what you do poorly, mostly in simple ways, without any pain. Work with the idea that we all make mistakes and few of them are fatal. If it works, jump on it. If it keeps working, stay with it.

Hang out in Montana and work with film and chemicals .We’ll argue and not agree on everything. Mysteriously we’ll keep making respectable photographs. Old fashioned suspicious hardware that seems to just keep working, and doesn’t go out of date with a change in the weather. A week of black and white photography with emphasis on hand craft. Stay in a swell room, shared or alone, your choice, camp or stay down the road in a motel. Let Lynn and her crew pamper and feed you like royalty. The meals alone are worth the tuition. Outstanding and well equipped darkrooms, and a great chemical supply house.

The Formulary is a special place. The surrounding landscape is mountains and lakes. Glacier National Park is just to the north. Bud and Lynn Wilson have tastefully built a wonderful complex that combines a peaceful meadow and lodge setting tucked up against rugged peaks. Wild life is abundant, horses and dogs are very much at home, rooms are comfortable and modern, or you can camp in a quiet glen. Lynn does a delicious job with meals and there is always time to sit back and take it easy. The labs are spacious and open during off hours. Those attending are expected to work, but there is no pressure and there is ample time to discus and evaluate photographs. Vestal and Weber fit right in, this will be their fifth year at Condon, both enjoy working with students, they’ve been around quite a while, both are easy going and knowledgeable