Class: Pinhole Photography for the Family


This workshop for the whole family will run in conjunction with Worldwide Pinhole Day. Because of its simplicity, pinhole photography is a great way to learn about how photography works. Moreover, the soft focus, distorted perspectives, and long exposure times grant unique artistic possibilities.

In this hands-on family workshop, students and their parents will learn the optics behind this fascinating phenomenon and have a chance to build their own cameras. We will discuss how pinholes work and have been used artistically, but students will spend most of their time building cameras, making exposures, and developing and printing their photographs in a traditional black and white darkroom. Several pre-made cameras will also be provided for students to experiment with. We will end by uploading our images and viewing other pinhole images made around the globe on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

One-weekend Workshop:
Saturday & Sunday, 9am – 5pm
Apr 24 & 25

Materials Needed:

* All materials included in fee


Class Fee:

* $150 per student

Enrollment: Limited to 19
Deadline: Apr 16
Instructor: Grisha Enikolopov