Class: Pinhole Photography: Thinking Outside the Box


In exploring the primitive and mysterious qualities of pinhole photography, students will use a variety of materials to construct and then photograph with their own camera creations. A variety of Scott’s cameras, both handmade and commercially made will also be available for students to use during the workshop. We will primarily be using film and photographic paper to generate images, but experimentation with digital pinhole will also be encouraged. We will further examine ways to bridge the gap between high tech and low tech by retrofitting existing cameras with pinhole apertures such as: 35mm, medium and large format, Holga, and digital SLRs. Zone plates (a distant relative of pinhole) will also be introduced as another variation of lens-less photography.

Students will be encouraged to interpret the world around them using the characteristic long exposure and dreamlike quality of pinhole photography. Emphasis will also be placed on “thinking outside the box” and developing strong concepts and ideas.

One-weekend Workshop:
Saturday & Sunday, 9am – 5pm
May 15 & 16

Materials Needed:

* All materials included in fee


Photographic Vision I or portfolio review
Class Fee:

* $300 + lab fee of $50

Enrollment: Limited to 8
Deadline: Apr 16
Instructor: Scott McMahon