Class: The Gum-Platinum Print and Digital Negs


The Gum-Platinum Print & Making Dig Negs with QTR
Cost: $ 725.00
June 6- 11, 2010 With Kerik Kouklis

During this intensive 5-day workshop you will begin by learning to make high quality digital negatives using the Quad Tone RIP (QTR) program and Epson printers. You will learn how to calibrate and control this powerful tool in an easy and straightforward way. We will then cover in detail the making of fine platinum/palladium prints from the negatives you make during the workshop or from pre-existing large format or digital negatives. The platinum/palladium process is quite easy to learn and Kerik’s casual and friendly teaching style will have you making excellent prints almost from the start. Then you will learn to use gum bichromate overprinting to stretch the medium into a new realm. Adding one or more layers of gum bichromate over a platinum print will result in a final print with added depth and richness and endless possibilities of color to enhance the emotional impact of the image. Once mastered, many printers find it difficult to go back to the straight platinum process for their work.

While previous experience in any of the alternative processes is helpful, it isn’t a prerequisite to attend this workshop. Each student should provide negatives no larger than 8×10 as well as high quality scans or digital camera files that will be made into digital negatives. You can also scan negatives during the workshop, but this uses up valuable time. Be prepared to take your work in a new direction and never look back. This process is lots of fun and soon becomes addictive. Bring your previous printing skills, but be willing to try new approaches as well.

This class has a kit and/or a lab fee to be paid at the end of this workshop