Class: Words Into Pictures with Sheila Metzner

It is often said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This can be taken literally as evident in books illustrated by photographers such as Edward Steichen (Thoreau’s Walden), Robert Mapplethorpe (Rimbaud’s A Season in Hell), and Edward C. Curtis (Ryan’s The Flute of the Gods). The New Yorker most often illustrates their short stories with a photograph. Bock jackets are so often photographs as well, advertising through photography and expressing what words cannot.

Join world-renowned photographer Sheila Metzner in this unique workshop that will concentrate on “photography,” as it is often used, in conjunction with words.

On Friday evening, Sheila will offer a presentation of her work and discuss student’s individual expectations. On Saturday we’ll learn from the masters by studying the profound works of Steichen, Mapplethore, Curtis and more. From there, each student will present a poem, short story, or novel they’d like to express in photographs. As a group we’ll take pictures on location, gather our imagery and then reconvene at the studio to talk about our experiences. Sunday will begin with a group edit and critique session, then continue to expand upon the concept of “Words into Pictures.” We’ll discuss the effectiveness of the photograph and how it conveys meaning. Our goal will be to produce 6-8 images that are derived from the words they began with.

Students should come to the workshop with a poem, short story, novel or prose that they wish to turn into photographs. Open to al experience levels.

Enrollment limit: 15 students

3 Session(s)
Fri, Sat, Sun Fri, 7-9pm; Sat & Sun, 10am-6pm, March 5, 2010 – March 7, 2010

Instructor(s): Sheila Metzner
Location: Venice Beach