Lecture: CHROMA: Reframing Pluralism in Contemporary Photography, CIIS, San Francisco

The Arts at CIIS Presents CHROMA: Reframing Pluralism in Contemporary Photography
Art Exhibition

Saturday, September 10, 2011
6pm – 9pm
United States
Contact information: http://www.ciis.edu/arts
CIIS Main Building
1453 Mission Street (at 11th Street)
San Francisco CA 94103
3rd Floor, Namaste Hall

No registration necessary.

Arts at CIIS Curator: Deirdre Vesser

The Arts at CIIS presents CHROMA, an exhibition and publications project that fosters pluralism within the field of photography and lens-based media by supporting the work of emerging artists of African, Latino, Native American, Middle Eastern, North African, Asian, and Pacific Island heritage.

CHROMA will be formally launched on Saturday, September 10. This evening, open to the public, will feature a panel of artists, curators, and historians from around the country in conversation about deepening and sustaining pluralism in contemporary photography. How representative is the field of photography today? How does the language of diversity foster or undermine the goal of truly representing the pluralism of contemporary American society? What innovations and changes do we see within the world of arts funding and what impact are they making in practice? Photo publishing is burgeoning with advances in digital technology; how is this influencing the range of voices that are being heard? These are just a few of the questions we’ll discuss.

Featured panelists for this event:

Pato Hebert, intermedia artist, educator and cultural worker

Darius Himes, assistant director of the Fraenkel Gallery, and co-founder of Radius Books

Miriam Romais, executive director and editor, En Foco

Tere Romo, curator and program office for arts and culture at The San Francisco Foundation

Carla Williams, photo historian, assistant professor, RIT School of Photographic Arts and Sciences

Deborah Willis, chair, Department of Photography and Imaging, NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Deirdre Visser, curator, The Arts at CIIS