Lecture: ReGeneration: Artist panel led by Ann Jastrab, Gallery Director Rayko Photo Center


For an artist panel discussion lead by:
Ann Jastrab
Gallery Director, Rayko Photo Center

Wednesday, August 31th

6 to 8 pm

Kirk Crippens
Janet Delaney
Deborah O’Grady
Philipp Striebe
Gérman Herrera
Rachel Phillips
Niniane Kelley
Luis Delgado

Is there a Generation Gap between contemporary artists?
What are the benefits of encouraging cross generational collaboration between age groups?

Find out at this exciting and inspiring talk moderated by one of the most respected names in the San Francisco photography scene.

Exhibit extended through September 18th, 2011

The artists in ReGeneration occupy either sides of the “generation gap,” being either veterans of photography that belong to the Baby Boomer generation or part of the up-and-coming ranks of twenty-something photographers. Each established artist has been paired with a younger photographer whom they will be exhibited alongside in order to explore the potential for artistic dialogue. While there is a common belief that miscommunication defines the “gap,” the exhibition demonstrates how this is far more complex in reality. From surrealist images to stunning landscapes and hard-hitting documentary work, these two groups cut across any age-related differences and the wide spectrum of current themes in photography.

These thought-provoking artists defy rather than defend any kind of perceived barriers between the age groups, proving the point of Gérman Herrera, one participant in the show: “I believe that the more individual the search is, the more universal it becomes.”

View exhibition catalogue here.

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SF, CA 94110