Workshop: Contact Platinum Printing with Film Negatives (Richard Sullivan NA2 Method), Rayko Photo Center

Cost: $275

Due to its wide tonal range, rich blacks, and intricate highlight detail, platinum/palladium is often described as the most beautiful of the photographic printing processes. This 2-day workshop is designed for die-hard film addicts shooting medium format, 4×5, or 8×10 black and white negative film who want to make platinum prints from those images. The workshop will include chemical discussions, coating tricks, and paper ideas. We will also discuss shooting, processing, and using selenium toning to adapt negatives for future prints to get the most out of this printing process. Students will leave the class with a good understanding of the platinum printing process, how to adjust capture and/or negative adjustments, and at least one printed platinum image (but hopefully more).

PRE-REQ: This workshop is open to students of all skill levels, but darkroom experience and photoshop skills are a plus.
BRING: Negatives, 11×14” max size, a notebook, and Bergger cot 320 paper.

Instructor: Carlos Arrieta

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Feature: 2 days