Workshop: In Search of Being, Renewal & Creativity with Lori Vrba & Anne Berry

Workshop Location: Kipahulu, Maui
Dates: January 5 – 12, 2013
Submission Deadline: November 17, 2012

LightBox Photographic Gallery will conduct a weeklong artists photographic retreat/workshop on the Island of Maui this January 2013. We are honored to have internationally reknown fine art photographers Lori Vrba and Anne Berry leading the weeklong workshop. Michael and Chelsea Granger, directors of LightBox, will host this retreat/workshop at a property in the culturally historic area, Kipahulu, on the remote south shore of the island of Maui. Michael and Chelsea have a close connection to the islands and the culture, and they consider this very special location one of the most tranquil and beautiful places on earth. The retreat/workshop is spent at a dramatic coastal location with seaside cliffs, jungle flora, and tropical gardens. The week will be spent walking, hiking, exploring and just being in the surrounding area, with beautiful vistas of mountains, waterfalls and seacoasts. You will completely experience the peace and spiritual qualities of this special place.

The retreat offers you a unique off the grid experience and get away. Awakening on the first morning to the sunrise, we’ll offer you an introduction to this spiritual place, giving participants a sense of the history and cultural significance of this sacred area. Each day will start with yoga meditation and reflection. Your days will be spent entirely in the area of the retreat, with two half day trips during the week to close by special locations. This is a Maui experience that is different from any other, where every day is simply about waking and being in this special place. This is not a tour of Maui where you spend days driving in cars looking at and taking photos of the great sights or hanging around the resort pool and all the other traditional trappings of a Hawaiian vacation. You will never set foot in a hotel, restaurant or any other commercial enterprise, and you will never reach for your wallet or credit card. This experience on it’s own is worth the trip, but our week on Maui is also a weeklong workshop.

The workshop consists of daily gatherings with Lori and Anne, where each participant will share individually and in small and large group gatherings. In this idyllic environment, Lori and Anne will share the knowledge and experience they have gained from their ascent in the fine art photography world. The workshop explores the narrative elements that shape a unique perspective through the lens. Lori and Anne will search with you to discovery your own personal narrative and vision and will seek to help you define your own photographic voice and story. Lori and Anne will share suggestions on how to tighten up a body of work, bringing in new ideas through self examination and discussion. Compelling works of artists known for their visual storytelling and poetic expressions in photography will be examined. Lori and Anne will share their own work, personal vision, their photographic techniques and unique styles and how to get work published and exhibited. Lori shoots all her work on film using a Hasselblad, while Anne shoots film and digital, using digital post processing techniques that take advantage of technology while remaining sensitive to the history and feel of analog photography.

The goal of the week is to share each day together, experiencing and discovering the serenity of being in Maui, to live in the moment and to learn from Lori and Anne and your fellow participants. We know you will return to your everyday life with a new found confidence, the power of your personal vision and a sense of renewal from an incredible experience.

Applications are required to be accepted into this workshop/retreat.
Please submit your application as soon as possible, deadline for application submission is November 17, 2012.

Acceptance notification will be made no later than November 18, 2012. Payment must be made by November 20, 2012.

Cost for the full week, including all expenses, Air, Meals, and Accommodations in Maui and Portland, $2750

Please contact Michael at LightBox to let us know of your interest and with any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience with Lori, Anne and you in Paradise!

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