Workshop: Intro to Wet Plate on Holga

Intro to Wet Plate on Holga

Looking for a way to take your Holga to new heights? Look no further, Tim Layton will walk you through the step-by-step process for everything you need to know about getting started in wet plate collodion on your Holga. There is something very freeing about the Holga and doing wet plate on this camera is a unique and fun way to express yourself.

After an introduction to wet plate and its history, Tim leads you in pouring your first plate and making some one of a kind images. You will literally be creating one of a kind image with every plate that you pour. By spending time with an experienced wet plate photographer and the other participants this will significantly shorten your learning curve.

Historically, getting started in wet plate is not a cheap adventure, particularly if you are using traditional large format equipment and lenses. By using the Holga you keep the costs to a minimum while learning the basics of wet plate that you can carry into the larger format, if you want. You may love wet plate on the Holga so much that you just stick with it because it is so unique and easy. You can enjoy the plates just as they are, or you can scan or photograph them to be used in a one of a kind digital format.

You will be working in one of Tim’s three studio’s. You can do portraits, still life, fine art, or whatever fits your style and vision. Tim will discuss how to calculate exposure times based on lighting, chemical aging, and other factors. You will learn by doing and not by talking. Doing wet plate in such a portable format is a lot of fun and I guarantee you that you will make some new images unlike anything that you have ever done with film or digital gear.

This class is a half day and either runs from 9 to 1 and then we go to lunch or 1 to 5 and then we go to dinner. My offices and studio is located right next to Clancy’s Irish Pub where we will go eat.

Be sure to review the workshop policy at the bottom of this page before scheduling.

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