Workshop: Photography Beyond Technique. Tom Persinger

Photography Beyond Technique Retreat & Workshop

The Photography Beyond Technique retreat and workshop is for photographers looking to understand how the question of why enters into the creation of their work and how, once gleaned, this knowledge can be used to springboard their work to the next level. Tom will bring his extensive knowledge of photographic process and history, draw on his ten-plus years of experience with F295, and his understanding of how some of todays most exciting visual artists/photographers are creating compelling, meaningful work that is pushing the boundaries of photographic practice.

The setting for this dynamic and immersive experience is the beautiful, wild, rugged, and scenic lands of Photographers Formulary. Secluded, but with delicious meals and excellent facilities, we’ll consider how the informed use of photographic process and technique can combine with subject and content to create dynamic visual pieces that articulate your vision and ideas to the viewer in brilliant and exciting ways. Along the way we’ll dispel such commonly held notions as “harder is better” and “artifacts are cool” and we’ll discover how you might best use and develop your own photographic vocabulary

This emphasis of this retreat is on how you may use the lexicon of photographic process, from calotype to apps, as tools in the construction of your work. The retreat features print sharing and review, discussions/slides of how some contemporary photographers are using process and technique to facilitate communication, discussion and honing of your project ideas, a simple and effective digital negative tutorial, a few shooting assignments & field trips (ghost towns, waterfalls, mountains, and more!), and some hands-on print making.

The text for the retreat is Tom’s book Photography Beyond Technique (PBT). Tom created PBT from his experience hosting the F295 Symposium and Seminar series through which he’s hosted ten events over five years in which over 75 artists were asked to deliver presentations that focused on why they created their work, he’s also organized 11 exhibitions, and dozens of hands-on workshops through which he’s helped educate hundreds of people.

The tuition for this retreat is $795

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