Workshop: Platinum / Palladium Printing Workshop with Paul Taylor

Fall Platinum / Palladium Printing Workshop
with Paul Taylor

Fall Workshop Dates:
Saturday & Sunday October 6 & 7
Saturday & Sunday October 13 & 14

This fall, during the height of New Hampshire’s fall foliage season, Renaissance Press will be offering two weekend long platinum/palladium printing workshops from digital negatives.

The workshops will cover:
An Overview of Color Management
Digital File Prep
Scanning from Film or Hand Drawn Media
Linearizing for Platinum/Palladium
Digital Film
Na2 and Potassium Chlorate Contrast Controls
Trouble Shooting a Variety of Issues Common with Platinum and Palladium
Gelatin Sizing and Calendering for Papers that Benefit from Surface Sizing and Smoother Surfaces
Clear Gum Bichromate Over Printing for Increased Dmax and Luminiousity
Testing for Proper Clearing Procedures

Paul has spent a considerable amount of time fine-tuning linearization strategies for digital film output that rivals – and in many cases exceeds – the possibilities of film from enlarged negatives, explaining the process in ways that both beginners and advanced participants will appreciate. A CD-ROM that illustrates all aspects of the process, from color management to printing, will be given out at the workshop.

The digital practices that will be taught can be easily transferred to any photographic process in which contact print positives or negatives are used. The Piezography Selenium K7 standard inkset will be used. These workshops are limited to five participants each. 

Registration Fee:
Two Day Workshop: $500 + materials
A 50% deposit is required to secure a place in the workshop.

Phone: 603-239-9990