Call for Entries: Candela Books Unbound!

Candela UnBound Invitational Exhibition

June 1st – July 21th, 2012

Candela Books’ inaugural invitational exhibition, Unbound, will be an annual event featuring work from a wide range of contemporary fine art photographers. The Unbound exhibition and its associated Unbound event, will raise proceeds which will be used to purchase select works from the exhibition. Works purchased through this event by Candela will subsequently be featured in Candela’s newly founded Unbound Collection.

The mission of the Unbound Collection will be to support photographers through the purchase of original photographic work and to actively pursue opportunities to donate such purchased works to notable permanent collections.

This annual summertime invitational exhibition will generate opportunities and exposure beyond the traditional group or juried show opportunities. And our hope is that photographers will support us by their active participation just as we hope to support their work and careers in return.

All accepted photographers will have the opportunity to have their work featured in Candela Books’ newly renovated gallery space in the downtown arts district of Richmond, Virginia. This is the first year of operation for the Candela Gallery and the press and sales have both been excellent. We have been very pleasantly surprised with the energy surrounding this new venture.

During the course of the show Candela will host an Unbound event (tentatively, July 20th) which will feature food and music along with photography. The signature event will include beer & wine, southern fixings, and great music. Possibly a raffle. Definitely a door prize or two. It might be the best event going that night. The ticket proceeds from this event will be used exclusively – after event costs – to purchase work from the exhibition for the Unbound Collection.

All work for exhibition will be selected by Candela founder Gordon Stettinius.

Deadline for Submissions: April 6th, 2012

Notification of Acceptance will go out: April 20th, 2012

Accepted work should arrive at Gallery no later than: May 21st, 2012

Please follow directions carefully

– Candela Gallery is looking for photographic work only.

– Only email submissions will be accepted. Though we may inquire further about the work.

Send submissions to:

– Subject Line: Unbound Submission!!!

Include up to 3 JPG images of work (approx. 10”x10”x72dpi) in a single email.

Also include a resume and artist statement, if applicable. Inclusion of an artist statement is strictly optional.

– Please for each image include:





Photographer’s Name:


City, St., Zip


Email address:


– There is no entry fee.

For all work selected for exhibition:

Accepted work should be for sale.

Candela reserves the right to not exhibit work that is significantly misrepresented during the submission process.

Candela Gallery will be donating its 50% sales commission back into the general proceeds for each exhibition work purchased for collection.

Candela Gallery will retain the 50% sales commission from the sale of work to any patron other than the collection itself. Ideally, there will be additional prints available for purchase in case there is additional interest in the work.

Accepted work should be presentation ready when it arrives at the gallery.

Accepted work should arrive at our gallery no later than May 21st, 2012

Accepted work should be shipped including return postage.

We will return unsold work the second week after the exhibition comes down.

For all Collected Work:

Candela will also be donating its 50% sales commission back into the general proceeds for each piece purchased.

Candela will record all relevant history for the artwork in question.

Candela will file a CV, resume, artist statements, bios for each collected photographer.

Candela reserves the right to feature the work within Candela’s Gallery space.

Candela will properly insure the collection.

Candela need not seek approval before any specific artwork is loaned to an outside organization for exhibition or donated to any other permanent collection. But Candela will make a reasonable effort to contact a specific photographer to indicate that their work has been exhibited and or acquired by another permanent collection or institution. Candela also reserves the right to reproduce the work in support of said exhibitions and will make an earnest effort to notify photographers when such reproductions occur and provide resulting tearsheets when possible.

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