Workshop: Pinhole Photography at Peters Valley Craft Center with Nancy Breslin

Pinhole cameras are very simple tools that can be used to create beautiful, oddly compelling images of a range of subjects, including still lifes, landscapes and people. Workshop participants will each build a pinhole camera from a light-tight container (such as a lunch box or cookie tin: bring your own, or use one of ours) and use it to create large format paper or film negatives; and also build a camera designed for medium format film. After an introduction to the work of many pinhole artists, each student will experiment with these cameras and discover how the infinite depth of field and long exposures of pinhole cameras can be used to the photographer’s advantage. Film processing and black and white darkroom printing will be taught to beginning students. Digital scanning and printing will also be offered.

Beginner to Advanced

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Nancy Breslin is a Delaware photographer who specializes in pinhole and alternative photographic work. Her longest series, “Squaremeals: A Pinhole Diary of Eating Out” contains over a thousand images and was showcased in Light Leaks 15. Her work has also been featured online at and, and in print in The Tusculum Review, The Delmarva Quarterly and Christopher James’ textbook of alternative photography, among others. She has had solo or two person shows in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Texas, and her work has also been in over 50 juried or curated exhibitions. She is an invited blogger at and teaches photography part-time at the University of Delaware, where she received her MFA in 2000. Samples of her work can be seen at